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Metsä Group’s Äänekoski bio-product factory project provides several contracts for Lapin Teollisuusrakennus Ltd


One of the largest industrial projects in Finland is under way in Äänekoski, as Metsä Group is constructing a bio-product factory, at the heart of which is the most efficient pulp mill in the world with an annual capacity of 1.3 million tons. LTR... Read more »

Construction engineering work for the expansion of Snellmanin Kokkikartano awarded to LTR


Work will start in Kerava in March 2016 and will take about a year.  Read more »

LTR receives basic improvement contract for the Pihlajamäki primary school


This large project will finish in September 2016 and includes the sewage system, heating network and an overall restructuring of the electrical system. There will also be improvements to e.g. accessibility and passage connections. One of the most... Read more »

Lapin Teollisuusrakennus Ltd receives contract in Varkaus


LTR has been contracted to do the construction engineering work for the turbine expansion of heat energy plant 2 at Stora Enso’s Varkaus factory. Work in Varkaus has started and will go on until October 2015. Read more »

LTR receives Metsä Fibre’s KART 15 contract


Lapin Teollisuusrakennus Ltd has received a contract in Äänekoski, where Metsä Group is constructing a new bio-product factory. This is LTR’s first contract in Äänekoski. Work has started and will go on until October 2015.  Read more »

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