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References for new, industrial and reparative construction

We have handled many challenging projects requiring special skills. We operate everywhere in Finland. In AvestaPolarit’s Tupla project in Tornio, we handled over 25,000 m³ of concrete structures, and in the HP4 project carried out for Outokumpu Ltd, we worked on over 15,000 m³ of demanding concrete structures. Amongst other things, we have built a bleaching facility and replaced Stora Enso’s paper machine 3 in Kemi.

Demanding sites in Oulu have included the overhaul renovation of Kalevankulma and the overhaul renovation of the Nordea Bank in the spirit of the architect Ervi.

In the Helsinki metropolitan area, we did the overhaul renovation of the 18th century Cathedral Chapter building under the supervision of the National Board of Antiquities. The expansion of the Lähivakuutus building and renovation of the facade in Leppävaara, Espoo are also our handiwork.

Special expertise is our strength

Many of our construction sites have required very special expertise, skills and craftsmanship. Our workforce includes about 100 builders, 35 of whom are technical employees. Six of our employees have a Class 1 concrete licence.

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Our references in Northern Finland

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Our references in Southern Finland

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Current news

  • 18.08.2017
    Contract at SSAB Hämeenlinna factory

    Lapin Teollisuusrakennus Oy has been selected as constructor for renewing the pickling line at SSAB's Hämeenlinna factory. LTR will do the demolition and excaving and also the cast in-situ contracts. The work at Hämeenlinna will launch at the end of August and last until the end of the year 2017.

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  • 18.08.2017
    New contract for Oulun Vesi Taskila sewage treatment plant

    LTR is currently working as contractor for Taskila sewage treatment plant for a project for optimizing the denitrification. The contract has started in June and will go on until the spring 2018.

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  • 18.08.2017
    LTR's current contracts at Helsinki metropolitan area

    Lapin Teollisuusrakennus Oy has several ongoing contracts at Helsinki metropolitan area. One of most recently agreed contract is a new factory for the Finnish Nordqvist tea house to Ilvesvuori, Nurmijärvi. The contract will continue until the beginning of 2018. 

    Other recently kicked off contract is enlargement of Würth Elektronik's warehouse enlargement at Karhunkorpi, Nurmijärvi. The enlargement shall be completed at the end of year 2017.

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