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Boliden Kevitsa Mining Ltd, Sodankylä

  • BC6A-Stockpile earthworks and concrete works, BC6B-Stockpile steel works, BC11 earthworks and concrete works, 2019
  • BC7 Demolition works, Concrete and Steel structures in the Flotation Cell 2019
  • Oil Chamber of fine crushed gravel 2019

Lhoist Nordic AB, Tornio

Storage Plant 2018

SSAB Europe Plc, Raahe

MP01 works 2019

Aurora Tornio Plc, Tornio

Civil works of transformer bunker and extension of sprinkler room 2019

Akzo Nobel Finland Ltd, Oulu

Chlorate filtration press 2015

Oulun Yliopistollinen keskussairaala

Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District PPSHP/Oulu University Hospital

Several sites since 1995

  • Peltola service building 2018-2019

Kemira Chemicals Ltd

OULcap construction stages 2 and 3 Oulu, 2015

Ruukki Metals Ltd, Raahe

PCI: Pre-crushing plant and conveyor bridge foundations RU3, 2014–2015

PCI: Feeder and conveyor tunnel concrete structures RU2, 2014

Kempeleen Vesihuolto Ltd

Basic improvement and expansion contract for the Tuohino water plant 2013–2014

Lapin Rengastalo Ltd, Tornio

Lapin Kumi Ltd, expansion and basic improvement of premises 2013–2014

NRF Revontuli Ltd c/o Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers, Rovaniemi

Shopping Centre Revontuli Nordea Rovaniemi, construction of office premises 2013–2014

Kiinteistö Ltd Kemi Toivola-Luotola service centre

Purola alteration work 2013

Kiinteistö Ltd Uusikatu 22, Oulu

Parking garage repairs 2013

AA Sakatti Mining Ltd, Sodankylä

Construction of premises 2012–2013

Asunto Ltd Tornion Saarenpäänranta

Founder contract work

Oulun Vesi Oy

Oulun Vesi Ltd

Renovation of the Taskila waste water purification plant 2013–2014

Alteration work on the Taskila, Kurkelanranta and Hintta water purification plant buildings 2009

First Quantum Minerals (Australia) Ltd, the Kevitsa mine

Completion work on mine buildings 2012–2013

Olkiluodon ydinvoimala

Siemens Ag Energy Sector, the Olkiluoto nuclear plant

The following sites in 2005–2011:

  • Switching station (30UBA:35UBZ)
  • Additional boiler building (30UTH:31/32 UGC)
  • Transformer rooms (UBC, UBE/UBF, 30UBH)
  • Gas plant foundations (30UTG)
  • Service tunnel support wall

Nordic Mines Oy

Nordic Mines Ltd, the Laivakangas gold mine, Raahe

  • Reagents and Pasta Service 2011–2012
  • Pasta plant 2011
jounin kauppa

Jounin Kauppa Ltd, Äkäslompolo

Supermarket building and shopping centre 2008-2009

Pentti Hämeenaho Ltd, Rautaruukki steel mill, Raahe

Foundations of the reel opening and cutting line 2011

Lakeuden Keskuspuhdistamo Oy

Lakeuden Keskuspuhdistamo Ltd, Kempele

Improving the efficiency of the waste water purification plant 2009-2010

Veitsiluodon tehtaat

Stora Enso Ltd, the Veitsiluoto factories

Several sites since 1989

  • Stoppage works 2019
  • Paper machine 3, construction engineering shutdown work 
  • Sheeting plant 2007–2008 
  • Flotation facility 2003 
  • Paper machine 1, construction engineering work on changing the slitter winder 2001 
  • Causticisation facility overhaul renovation 1995 
  • Mass factory overhaul renovation 1989 
  • Service agreement with Efora Ltd since 20?? 
Metsä-Botnia Oy

Metsä Fibre Ltd/Ab Metsä-Botnia Ltd/Kemi Ltd

Many contracts since 1984 including:

  • Cleaning up after demolition, expansion of the pumping facility, reject mass container 2015
  • Drop-in basin and circulating water pumping plant and construction of Metsä Board Kemi Ltd’s liquid gas station 2014
  • The move of the main laboratory 2013
  • Construction engineering work for the causticisation facility 2010–2011
  • Polar 2011 shutdown work
  • Water plant construction engineering work 2010–2011
  • Bleaching plant
  • Mass processing
  • Polar 2006 shutdown work

Levin Vesihuolto Ltd

Expansion of the waste water purification plant 2009-2010

Outokumpu Chrome Ltd/ Outokumpu Stainless Ltd

Several contracts since 1983 including:

  • JTSU shutdown construction works, Tornio 2019
  • Slag crucible pit, Tornio 2019
  • Pump station, Kemi mine 2019
  • Ferrochrome expansion project F3, 27 separate contracts at the Tornio factories and Kemi mine 2010–2012
  • The Steckel project 2003–2004
  • Avesta Polarit’s Tupla project, 21 separate contracts at the Tornio factories 2002–2003
  • The Tornio factory offices 1994
  • Construction of a seawater channel 1983 (LTR Ltd’s first contract)
  • Construction engineering shutdown work since 1994
Kittilän kultakaivos

Agnico Eagle Finland Ltd, the Kittilä gold mine

Several sites since 2007 including:

  • Earthworks and concrete works RU103, 2019
  • Concentrate thickener earthworks and concrete works RU101, Kittilä mine 2019
  • Rimpi Paste Project earthworks and concrete structures RU1 2018-2019
  • Gas Cleaning Update RU1 and RU2, Kittilä 2014–2015
  • Processing plant, a new TAMU electricity room for a SAG mill 2014
  • Ball mill and foaming space expansion, indoor work 2013–2014
  • Kittilä Mill Expansion RU1/ Concrete structures for the processing plant expansion 2013–2014
  • Framework agreements
  • Oxygen plant expansion 2013–2014
  • Pasta plant expansion 2012
  • Metallurgy lab 2011
  • Level 350 service area 2010–2011
  • Casting structures of the thickening area and oxygen plant 2007–2008

YIT Teollisuus Ltd/ Outokumpu Stainless Ltd

Cooling center construction contract 2011.

Oulun Vesi public utility

Alteration work on water purification plants 2009.

Stora Enso Ltd, the Oulu factories

Several sites since 1989 including:

  • Containerboard Mill: OCO-projects 2019-
  • Repairing of the foundations of white liquor containers 2 and 3 2014–2015
  • Feeding silo reinforcing pillars 2014
  • OPEC 1200 project, construction contract 2014
  • Fire station renovation 2013
  • Fine paper machine 1, machine foundation contract
  • Sheeting facility
  • Service agreement with Efora Ltd since 20??

City of Kemijärvi

  • Lapponia hospital overhaul renovation 2009
  • School premises overhaul renovation 2006–2007

Lappia, Municipal Federation of Education of Kemi-Tornionlaakso

  • Alteration and renovation work at the Loue premises 2009
  • Overhaul renovation of the Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences 1998
Länsi-Pohjan keskussairaala

The Hospital District of Länsi-Pohja/The Länsi-Pohja Central Hospital

Several sites since 1993.

Luontokeskus Kellokas


  • Nature centre Kellokas, Äkäslompolo 2009

Oulun Energia Ltd

Several sites, including:

  • The Oulunsuu heating plant, concrete structures and earthworks 2008

Hermann Andersson Ltd

The Seva project 2006

Fingrid PLC/Siemens

The Pikkarala electric station 2008

The parish of Kemi

  • Reparative work on the Old Vicarage and Youth Centre 2010
  • Alteration and expansion of the Paattionlehto cemetery 2006-2007
Maanrakennus Alamäki Oy

Maanrakennus Alamäki Ltd

Several sites, including:

  • A repair shop, office building and new premises for Suomen Posti 2006
Kemijärven Sellutehdas

Stora Enso PLC, the Kemijärvi pulp mill

Several sites in 1984-2006 including:

  • Construction engineering work at the chemical station
  • Waste water purification plant
  • Concrete structural work
  • Expansion of the compartmental kiln 

Nordea PLC, Oulu

Bank building overhaul renovation 2003–2004

Pohto Ltd

  • Restaurant expansion and renovation 2004
  • Training centre expansion 1998–1999

Aga Ltd

Air gas factory 2004

Keminmaan Energia Ltd

Heating facility 2004

Fortum PLC/ Neste PLC

Several contracts in the Kemi terminal area in 1996–2004


Kemi freight station overhaul renovation 2002

Kaleva Kustannus Ltd

Apartment building overhaul renovation 1999

City of Kemi

Wind power park stage 1, 1993

Current news

  • 18.08.2017
    Contract at SSAB Hämeenlinna factory

    Lapin Teollisuusrakennus Oy has been selected as constructor for renewing the pickling line at SSAB's Hämeenlinna factory. LTR will do the demolition and excaving and also the cast in-situ contracts. The work at Hämeenlinna will launch at the end of August and last until the end of the year 2017.

    Read More
  • 18.08.2017
    New contract for Oulun Vesi Taskila sewage treatment plant

    LTR is currently working as contractor for Taskila sewage treatment plant for a project for optimizing the denitrification. The contract has started in June and will go on until the spring 2018.

    Read More
  • 18.08.2017
    LTR's current contracts at Helsinki metropolitan area

    Lapin Teollisuusrakennus Oy has several ongoing contracts at Helsinki metropolitan area. One of most recently agreed contract is a new factory for the Finnish Nordqvist tea house to Ilvesvuori, Nurmijärvi. The contract will continue until the beginning of 2018. 

    Other recently kicked off contract is enlargement of Würth Elektronik's warehouse enlargement at Karhunkorpi, Nurmijärvi. The enlargement shall be completed at the end of year 2017.

    Read More
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