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The company

Lapin Teollisuusrakennus Ltd

Since 1983, the cornerstone of the operation of Lapin Teollisuusrakennus has been cost-efficient, quality construction with reliable delivery.

Our family business was founded in 1983 in Kemi; we currently also have offices in Oulu and Nurmijärvi. In addition to industrial construction, new construction and reparative construction, we handle challenging sites requiring special skills everywhere in Finland. Our clients include industrial facilities, cities and municipalities, banks, insurance companies and housing and property companies.

A network of workers and suppliers covering the entire country

Our network of workers and suppliers covers the entire country. We are able to react quickly to changing situations as our large network allows us to move resources to support any unit as the focus of work shifts.

A certified operating system

Lapin Teollisuusrakennus has an operating system based on the standards ISO 9001:2015 (quality), ISO 14001:2015 (the environment) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (work safety), which is audited annually by Inspecta Ltd.  

Lapin Teollisuusrakennus has a customer-oriented common workplace service providers’ HSEQ certification that includes occupational health and safety (HS), environmental responsibility (E) and quality production capability (Q). Companies that have ordered a HSEQ evaluation include Outokumpu, Efora, Ruukki and Andritz.

We carefully study every work site

For each of our sites, we draw up a site-specific quality plan and an occupational safety and environmental protection plan, which also cover subcontracts and acquisitions.

We employ 100 professionals

We currently employ about 100 construction professionals. All our employees have an occupational safety card and a hot work safety card. Our employees actively participate in training to develop their professional skills. Ask for more information!

Current news

  • 18.08.2017
    Contract at SSAB Hämeenlinna factory

    Lapin Teollisuusrakennus Oy has been selected as constructor for renewing the pickling line at SSAB's Hämeenlinna factory. LTR will do the demolition and excaving and also the cast in-situ contracts. The work at Hämeenlinna will launch at the end of August and last until the end of the year 2017.

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  • 18.08.2017
    New contract for Oulun Vesi Taskila sewage treatment plant

    LTR is currently working as contractor for Taskila sewage treatment plant for a project for optimizing the denitrification. The contract has started in June and will go on until the spring 2018.

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  • 18.08.2017
    LTR's current contracts at Helsinki metropolitan area

    Lapin Teollisuusrakennus Oy has several ongoing contracts at Helsinki metropolitan area. One of most recently agreed contract is a new factory for the Finnish Nordqvist tea house to Ilvesvuori, Nurmijärvi. The contract will continue until the beginning of 2018. 

    Other recently kicked off contract is enlargement of Würth Elektronik's warehouse enlargement at Karhunkorpi, Nurmijärvi. The enlargement shall be completed at the end of year 2017.

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