Under construction in Southern Finland

1295 Janakkala municipality: Tervakoski health center, Tervakoski

Contact person: Pauli Hämäläinen
Construction time: 11/2019 - 08/2021
Tel: +358 40 5655 332
E-mail: pauli.hamalainen@ltr.fi

1293 City of Vantaa: Cultural Centre of Children and young people Orvokki, renovation, Vantaa

Contact person: Timo Kaila
Construction time: 10/2019 - 12/2020
Tel: +358 40 7792 957
E-mail: timo.kaila@ltr.fi

1267 City of Helsinki, City Environment Building Construction Service: Children's daycare Aada and Children's playgroud Ida buildings, Helsinki

Contact person: Pauli Hämäläinen
Construction time: 12/2018 - 12/2019
Tel: +358 40 5655 332
E-mail: pauli.hamalainen@ltr.fi

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Current news


Contract at SSAB Hämeenlinna factory

Lapin Teollisuusrakennus Oy has been selected as constructor for renewing the pickling line at SSAB's Hämeenlinna factory. LTR will do the demolition and excaving and also the cast in-situ contracts. The work at... Read more »

New contract for Oulun Vesi Taskila sewage treatment plant

LTR is currently working as contractor for Taskila sewage treatment plant for a project for optimizing the denitrification. The contract has started in June and will go on until the spring 2018. Read more »

LTR's current contracts at Helsinki metropolitan area

Lapin Teollisuusrakennus Oy has several ongoing contracts at Helsinki metropolitan area. One of most recently agreed contract is a new factory for the Finnish Nordqvist tea house to Ilvesvuori, Nurmijärvi. The contract will... Read more »
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